Biden holds big cash edge as Trump's new-look RNC steps up fundraising

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Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are stepping up their fundraising, new reports show — but President Joe Biden and the Democrats maintained a healthy cash edge at the start of this month. 

The Republican National Committee raised more than $32 million in April, its first full month under Trump’s hand-picked new leadership, a 55% increase from the previous month. And combined, the Trump campaign and the national party had more than $88 million banked away by the end of last month, a significant uptick since before Trump became the party’s presumptive nominee.

But even with that uptick, the Democratic National Committee reported raising almost $35.5 million in April to the RNC’s $32 million. And most significantly, Biden’s campaign reported raising more than 2.5 times more money into its campaign account than Trump’s did: $24.1 million to $9.4 million. 

While both candidates and the national parties filed monthly reports with the Federal Election Commission, other key, affiliated fundraising committees were not required to open their books yet, which most likely leaves millions of dollars out of the full financial picture for now. In another development, the arm of Trump’s political operation paying his legal fees got a significant boost.