South Africa

Apology to Outsurance


On Tuesday, 14 May The Citizen published a story under the headline “Some Outsurance staffers under ‘stress, emotional turmoil”.

After a thorough investigation, we have found we printed a number of factual mistakes and Outsurance were incorrectly quoted in the article.

Outsurance said: “A strategic decision was made in the first half of 2023 to discontinue one of our Life insurance channels. With a primary focus on staff job protection, we consulted with and subsequently offered affected staff opportunities in other areas of our business requiring similar skills as affected staff.”

It added: “Staff who accepted these opportunities were provided with training and at least six months of coaching, support and assistance before performance processes were followed.

“All performance processes were conducted in line with our normal approach to performance management that incorporates applicable labour laws and our values.

“Staff were afforded all the opportunities, internally and with an independent external party, to raise concerns or grievances.

“We encourage an open and transparent relationship where staff are able to engage with us on any point of concern and it is worth noting that we have several affected staff in our employ who are performing well.”

We apologise unreservedly to Outsurance for the mistakes.