AMSOL Group Launches Bunker Tanker At Tema Port

AMSOL Group, a leading specialist marine solutions provider with a Ghanaian base, achieved a remarkable milestone on Tuesday with the launch of a bunker tanker at the Tema Port.

The christening of the vessel, named Densu River is said to holds symbolic importance, showcasing AMSOL’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of Ghana’s maritime sector while paying homage to the country’s rich heritage.
The Densu River, spanning over 2400 square kilometers and serving communities across the Greater Accra, Eastern, and Central Regions of Ghana, holds not only ecological significance as a vital water source but also embodies cultural and historical value.

In recent years, AMSOL in Ghana has played a crucial role in the country’s maritime activities, including delivering marine fuel to international oil companies and fishing industry clients off Tema on behalf of the Ghana Oil Company (GOIL).