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800lb TV star living in a van has fans 'emotional' after he 'lost his home'

My 600-lb Life often has its audience super invested as they follow the patients’ weight loss journeys. But, a Where Are They Now? update has fans more “emotional” than some expected to be. One of the show’s stars keeps pushing on his weight loss journey while living in a van on the beach.

David Nelson’s weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life began three years ago. He starred in season 10 episode 15 and had a rollercoaster ride of a time on the TLC show. At one point, David had gained weight, but after some stern words from Dr Nowzaradan, he got back on track. The star’s starting weight was 825lb. Despite having many setbacks in life, including being placed in foster care as a child, losing his home, having a shattered windscreen, and lack of funds to travel, David remained hopeful he’d lose the weight.

My 600lb Life David
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My 600-lb Life’s David opts for ‘van life’

After “losing his home,” David opted to live out of a van on the beach – something that got My 600-lb Life fans “emotional” this May.

One fan tweeted via X (Twitter): “This is really sad oh my gosh he lives in his Van I was not ready for this episode to be this emotional y’all.”

It appears he’s in good spirits living so close to the ocean, however, and he has a support network.

During the Where Are They Now? episode, David expresses how thankful he is to have made a friend, Randy, who he goes in the sea with on a regular basis.

David said Randy “invited him over to cook at his place” which “became a regular thing.”

Adding how the two “work out in the ocean every day.”

During his journey, he “decided to focus on keeping a positive mindset” and was “determined to succeed.”

One month before his appointment with Dr Now, David said: “I’m only eating protein, and trying not to eat that much overall.”

Where is David now?

A quick peek at David’s Instagram page and he looks to have gone from surviving to thriving.

The 600-lb Life star is looking incredible these days, showing off a total transformation.

Back in December 2022, he was still posting van life photos and calling the beach his “backyard.”

But, in May last year, he updated his followers and gave his “angels” of friends a shoutout as he said he’d been staying with them for a couple of months.

The post also showed off a new car of David’s. So, it looks like his van days came to an end.

On Valentine’s Day this year, the TLC star shared a selfie with his followers where he looks much slimmer.

Overall, he aims to lose almost 600lb, per his bio. David began his journey at 825lb and has a goal of 250lb.

In August last year, he shared a post captioned: “Two years ago I started this health journey well here is an update. I started at 825 July 2021. Today I weighed in at 495, 2 years 330 pounds. I will continue to pursue my new healthy lifestyle I love you all that have supported me and cheered me on thank you so much you have no idea what it has done for me.”

What’s more, David also appears to be loved-up these days.

On his latest post, a woman named Anne calls him “baby” and shares how much she “loves” him. She also has David’s name and a diamond ring emoji in her Instagram bio.

David wrote back in his comments: “All yours baby.”

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