You can now create shared albums, send HD photos, and send files up to 100 MB using Messenger.

A feature that many of its users have long yearned for—the ability to exchange high-quality photographs in Messenger—is finally being added by Meta. The company said on Tuesday, April 9, that users can utilize this file-sharing capability by turning on the HD toggle before clicking Send. WhatsApp also offers high-quality image sharing. The massive social networking platform also lets users make shared albums in discussions. Sending bigger files is another feature that is being rolled out.

The firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg published a blog post announcing the launch of new file-sharing capabilities on Messenger. To enhance Messenger conversations and interactions, the updates feature the capacity to send HD photographs, make shared albums in chat, and send larger files up to 100MB. Additionally, Meta has added an option for users to connect with others by scanning a QR code on Messenger.

Regarding the new HD photo-sharing feature, after choosing an image from chat compose, users can toggle on HD and then touch Send. Users can transmit several HD photographs by tapping on them. WhatsApp began to support High Definition photographs in September of 2023.

Additionally, Messenger now enables users to share albums with friends and family that contain pictures and videos. In a group conversation, members must choose many photos from the chat composer and then click Create Album. You may also accomplish this by long-pressing a conversation photo and selecting “Create Album.” Users must select Add to album in order to add images to an already-existing album. Moreover, they can rename albums.

Viewing, adding, deleting, and downloading images and movies from the shared album is available to all conversation participants. In a chat, you can find the album by tapping the Media button.

Additionally, Messenger provides a Word, PDF, and Excel file format substitute for email when transmitting large files. Users can now transfer files up to 100MB by selecting the Add button on the menu, thanks to the most recent update.

Finally, users now have the ability to connect with others by only scanning the Messenger QR code located in the Settings, thanks to a new option from Meta. Through a link, the sender can also share their QR code. As a result, using the app to chat with someone would no longer require entering out their name or phone number.


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