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TV star's family tragedy left famous aunt unable to leave house for weeks

Sam ‘Vanders’ Vanderpump is a newcomer to the cast of Made In Chelsea this year. But, his ties to the TV world go back decades. He’s the nephew of reality TV legend Lisa Vanderpump who rose to fame on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules.

As Lisa Vanderpump‘s nephew joins the Made In Chelsea cast, many fans of the E4 show are likely curious to get to know more about him. The reality TV newbie dealt with a heartbreaking loss in the past, a family tragedy that left his famous aunt unable to leave the house for five weeks.

Credit: Rachel Joseph/ Channel 4/Made In Chelsea

Meet Sam ‘Vanders’ Vanderpump

Made In Chelsea is coming in hot with some newcomers to season 27.

Of course, their surnames have to be shortened to funky nicknames, so let’s introduce ‘Vanders’ AKA Sam Vanderpump.

He’s the nephew of reality TV royalty, Lisa Vanderpump, and is 27 years old.

Sam is single and mingling on Made In Chelsea and it looks like he’s been super focused on his career as he writes on Instagram he’s “Managing Director of Dapio @dapioapp” and “Founder of Vanderpump FX.”

Lisa is his aunty

The name Vanderpump is one that’s instantly recognisable, so if fans hadn’t already put two and two together, then we’ll explain how Lisa Vanderpump and Sam are related.

Lisa is Sam’s aunt and the two are very close. Sam’s father, Mark Vanderpump, passed away by suicide on April 30, 2018.

Speaking exclusively to Hello! Magazine, Sam explained how Lisa is his “rock,” adding: “Losing my dad at a young age was very hard and Lisa has become my guidance on that side of the family ever since…”

Sam’s father’s death

During Vanderpump Rules season 7, Lisa explained how she “didn’t even want to talk about” the loss of her brother.

She said: “It’s been five weeks since my only sibling, my brother who was 16 months older than me, passed away through suicide. For five weeks I stayed home.”

Lisa said the two were so close in age that they were “more like twins,” adding: “It’s been incredibly difficult but we have to keep moving forward and make the people that were so important in our lives proud as they watch down over us.”

In season 9, Kyle Richards said of her co-star: “Lisa’s always the one to hide her emotions but after her brother passed, Lisa’s have lots of ups and downs right now… it’s understandable because she’s gone through a lot lately.”

Lisa also explained on the Larry King show how she worked with The Trevor Project – but “never thought her life would personally be affected by suicide.” She described her brother’s death as a “tragedy.”


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