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TV judge convinces fans he's walked out on stage in bathrobe as he wears 'dream coat'

The Voice mentor John Legend has brought out all the fashion stops. This time, it’s a colorful not-so-easy-on-the-eye gown/robe/cardigan/sweater thing John likes to call his “Technicolor dream coat”.

John Legend is known for wearing extravagant outfits on The Voice, from his sweaters to his gowns and cardigans. During the April 22 episode, he chose striking bright red, blue and yellow attire.

John’s colorful gown on The Voice

John wore a colorful gown on The Voice that fans cannot get enough of. They either loved it or hated it, but he definitely made a statement on a big night for Team Legend.

His stylist is usually Dave Thomas, who dressed him two weeks ago for his casual black bomber jacket look. On the same episode, Legend wore a red and blue striped sweater everyone loved.

It is believed to get a little chilly in the filming studio, so it makes total sense he is staying wrapped up. However, fans were utterly gobsmacked and thought he’d forgotten to take his robe off…

The Voice judge ‘rocks it well’

John revealed he is wearing “a big cardigan for Coach Legend” while sharing snaps of the episode on Instagram. Will Breman, a musician, replied, “too late already decided it’s a bathrobe 😂💙.”

The judge responded, “it’s truly my Technicolor Dream Coat,” before Will confirmed, “for real though you rock it well.” Fans are obsessed, with one writing, “I vote John for the most drip this season 🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

Some fans made jokes, such as, “Looks like someone kept his bathrobe on,” and, “Did u forget to take off your robe before u left the house to go to the voice 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂.”

Legend has it, he’s a fashionista

Although some of John’s looks are a fashion faux pas, he’s often credited for his sleek and fashionable choices, with a lot of help from his stylist, Dave Thomas.

John Legend’s sweaters on The Voice have become a fan favorite. He wore an Alexander McQueen sweater Styled by Dave Thomas, it is the Patchwork Striped Crewneck sweater costing $1,589.

He paired the look with Loewe trousers and Rick Owens shoes. The knit he wore in October showcases an orchid intarsia, a signature motif that embodies McQueen’s visionary creativity.


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