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Theories former TV chef is returning to reality show swirl after shock on-screen firing

After chef Anthony Iracane was fired from Below Deck for the first time ever, theories of the new chef who owns a lot of LA restaurants are swirling. Eyes are turning to former Below Deck chef, Marco.

“I think you’re an incredible chef. Your food is absolutely amazing,” Kerry said to Anthony Iracane on Below Deck, before firing his third crew member this season, adding, “You’re starting to kind of nosedive.”

Credit: Below Deck/Bravo

Anthony Iracane fired from Below Deck

Anthony Iracane was fired from Below Deck because of recent criticism on his food. “I don’t really know what you’re talking about,” Anthony responded after Captain Kerry said he’d “started to nosedive.”

Kerry pointed out some critiques the chef has gotten on his food, timing, and attention to detail. Anthony asked, “Why are people telling me every day that I’m the most amazing chef in the world?”

The captain replied, “This is not the right environment for you, mate. You’re not flourishing here… If I keep you here any longer, I’m going to set you up for disaster. I’m doing you a favor.”

Kerry hires chef with LA restaurants

Captain Kerry revealed the new chef has “owned some restaurants” while leafing through CVs. “He’s been doing this for a while,” he said, before sending a text to the yacht services coordinator. 

“Hey, get that new chef on a plane ASAP,” the text read. “He’s hired.” He then told Fraser and Ben the new chef would be there the following day, and that he would help them finish out the remaining charters.

New Below Deck chef theories swirl

Below Deck viewers are trying to guess who Anthony Iracane’s replacement is, with many eyes pointing to former star Marcos, who now owns multiple eateries in Los Angeles.

One fan wrote, “Oooh…interesting. Or maybe Marcos. Doesn’t he have a restaurant in LA?” Another penned, “I would sell my soul for Ben (Ello lovely) to come in as chef and check every mf on this boat 😂.”

“What I wouldn’t give for that a**hat chef from S1 of BDDU to show up as a replacement for Fraser’s karmic justice 🤣,” wrote a fellow Below Deck viewer.


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