'Terrified' ex-wife of former cop got restraining order before he allegedly killed her and his teen girlfriend

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Amber Rodriguez was “terrified” in the weeks before she died and had been granted an order of protection against Elias Huizar, her ex-husband, who was accused of fatally shooting her outside the elementary school where she worked on the day his teenage girlfriend was found dead in Washington state.

Rodriguez filed for divorce from Huizar in December 2020, Tara Symons told NBC News. Symons was appointed as the guardian ad litem in the divorce proceedings to handle custody issues involving their children.

Rodriguez was killed outside William Wiley Elementary School in West Richland on Monday, a little over a year after her divorce was finalized on April 7, 2023, Symons said.

Court documents say a gunman wearing black clothing and a black hat shot Rodriguez, 31, as classes were being let out shortly before 3:30 p.m.