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Kim Kardashian isn't letting Taylor Swift ruin her vibe but her ex's wife finds it 'amusing'

Kim Kardashian isn’t letting Taylor Swift ruin the fact “life is good” at the moment. However, her ex-husband’s wife, Bianca Censori, apparently finds the whole diss track drama “amusing.”

After Taylor Swift made a song called thanK you aIMee, which spells ‘KIM’ when you pull out the capital letters, Kim Kardashian lost 100K followers on Instagram. Kim has since appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

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Kim Kardashian ignores Taylor Swift backlash

After Taylor supposedly wrote thanK you aIMee about Kim, she has ignored the drama, even when going on the Jimmy Kimmel show. She said that “life is good” but he decided not to probe with any more questions.

The beef between Kim and Taylor took a turn in 2016, when Kanye featured Taylor in his track Famous: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b***h famous/I made that b***h famous.”

It later emerged before the song was released, Kanye called Taylor to seek permission to feature her in the song, but the Grammy-winning singer did not know Kim was recording. However, years later a full unedited version of the recording released, showing Ye did not tell Taylor he was going to refer to her as a b***h.

She loses 100K IG followers

In the aftermath of Taylor’s song, Kim has lost 100K followers on Instagram. She now has gone down to 363.3M followers rather than over 363.8M she had previously, in just a matter of days.

Many are wondering what Kim said to Taylor Swift when their drama began, especially as the song lyrics state, “F*** you and your ex-husband,” as well as hinting North West will be singing her song.

After Kanye’s Famous track was released, Taylor insisted she didn’t approve him calling her a b***h, with Kim telling GQ: “She totally approved that, she wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t.”

According to an insider, Kanye West‘s wife Bianca “finds it all very amusing,” though, and told Life & Style: “I’ve heard she likes Taylor’s music and think it’s all fair play.”

“Taylor wouldn’t have written a diss track aimed at Kim if she wasn’t prepared for some sort of backlash,” the insider explained. “But Taylor won’t be retaliating, the song speaks for itself. She clearly doesn’t care.”

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