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TV star sent into 'meltdown' as savage bachelor party scenes 'trigger' her

It’s almost been “the end” for Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda more times than we can count. Now, Jasmine’s co-star is “ending her” with one line at the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell-All. Gino and Jasmine have overcome many an awkward conversation during their relationship but now it seems their marital bliss is being rocked.

From ripping up Gino’s proposal to emotional breakdowns over vegan dinners, Jasmine being in floods of tears has become a totally normal scenario on 90 Day Fiancé. The 37-year-old cried during Before the 90 Days because she said she “just wanted to make Gino happy.” Thankfully, the two turned a corner and got married this year. But the TLC show’s Tell All “triggered” intense emotions once again.

90 Day Fiancé ‘anger management’ line

Long-time 90 Day Fiancé fans will have no problem recalling one of Jasmine and Gino’s many arguments, but now one of her co-stars is suggesting their spats come down to something else.

Fans took to X (Twitter) during the Tell-All to “agree” with Clayton Clark when he said: “…she should have used those 2,000 dollars on some anger management classes…”

Another said: “Clayton just ended Jasmine with that line.”

Jasmine was ‘triggered’

Although Clayton and Tell-All fans are throwing their unwarranted opinions out there in regard to her emotions, Jasmine was dealt some news during the TLC show that had her “triggered.”

One fan wrote on X: “Jasmine already lost it after seeing Gino at a strip club, and TLC even invited one of the dancers to Tell All. AND his ex works at the club. I think Gino wants to torture Jasmine.”

Jasmine not only had to sit through footage of her husband’s bachelor party, but production also invited one of the dancers onto the show to chat via video call.

A viewer tweeted: “Not Shaun introducing (the dancer) on the show while Jasmine is having a 10/10 meltdown.”

Another said the Tell-All went “too far” for Jasmine.

Tell-All fans prepare for tears

While some of Jasmine’s fans felt for her as the bachelor scenes played out, others suggested the reality TV star’s “performance” was “Oscar-worthy.”

Despite being dubbed an “actress” by some viewers, many will have seen Jasmine upset before and recall similar reactions.

During previous arguments, Jasmine has apologized for “being a bi***” after a “meltdown” and has said she just wants to “love and be loved.”

Although the star is quite clearly emotional, some viewers had zero sympathy, writing online: “Get your earplugs ready, everyone” and “I’m not ready to deal with a Jasmine meltdown tonight.”


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