The Transmission Company of Nigeria on Monday confirmed that it has restored power supply to some of the areas supplied by the transformers affected by the Dan Agundi Substation fire incident, in Kano.

The electrical engineering team, according to a statement from the Company’s General Manager, Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, isolated the transformers impacted by the incident on Sunday, March 10.

The team, according to her reconfigured some cables to facilitate power supply to three of the feeders for Kano DisCo customers, while work is ongoing to ensure full restoration to the rest of the feeders.

Fire engulfed two 60MVA power transformers at the Kano transmission substation.

The fire was said to have been triggered by a sudden spark from the electrical oil pumping machine used to pump oil back into one of the 60MVA power transformers, which had just undergone maintenance in the substation.

The statement added that the remaining four feeders- Zaria, Club, CBN, and the second 15MVA power transformer- will resume bulk power supply before the end of Monday 11 March following repair works on a punctured cable initiated in the early hours of the morning.

The company, however, apologised to the affected customers for any inconvenience caused by the incident while also appreciating their patience.