Religious leaders urged to promote peace

 A Revered religious leader based in Burkina Faso, Amsetou Nikiéma, has urged her fellow African religious leaders to wield their influence to promote peace and discard elements that could lead to distur­bances.

She emphasised the pivotal role religious leaders play in fostering stability, asserting that their author­ity should be harnessed in order to encourage followers to champion peace.

Her plea comes against the backdrop of rising concerns over disturbances impacting Africa’s development.

Prophetess Amsetou gave the advice during a press briefing when she arrived in Ghana on Wednesday as part of a five-day visit to the country.

The visit forms part of her mission to foster interfaith con­nections and offer counselling ses­sions to the public in anticipation of an upcoming religious event.

Celebrated for her healing abilities, she is expected to conduct enlightening sessions with some Ghanaian religious leaders and some members of the public during her five-day visit to the country.

She highlighted the far-reaching consequences of discord, pointing out the adverse effects on both lives and property.

Losses incurred due to con­flicts, she emphasised, not only hinder individual progress but also impede the collective development of the entire continent.

“Without peace, there can be no meaningful development in Africa. Sustainable development can only thrive in an environment of stabil­ity and unity,” she stressed.

Given the deeply rooted religious convictions prevalent across the continent, Prophetess Amsetou encouraged religious leaders to use the opportunity of the influence they have over their followers to promote peace.

The religious leader also under­scored the collective responsibility of religious leaders in promoting human development and advocat­ed for their unwavering support for vulnerable individuals.

Addressing the pressing issue of diseases burdening communities around the world, she called for a united front among religious lead­ers and governments to address health challenges and urged them to extend support to the tangible well-being of the people, whether rich or poor.

She also stated that as Ghana was preparing for the general elec­tions, it behooves everyone to play their part in ensuring a successful process because “disturbances can cause a country much harm than anyone can ever imagine so I want to use this opportunity to com­mend Ghanaians for their peaceful nature and encourage them to keep it up.”


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