Real Estate may be the “New Crude Oil” of Nigeria Economy – Ademola Adeosun, CEO of Mosun Homes and Realtors 

While Nigeria’s real estate sector may seem daunting with its uncertainty and economic swings, Mosun Homes and Realtors views it as a treasure trove of opportunity.

With nearly a decade of active involvement and an investment portfolio totalling approximately N4 billion, the company sees these challenges as stepping stones towards growth. It boldly projects that real estate could emerge as the “new crude oil” in Nigeria’s economic diversification journey. 

Ademola Adeosun, the founder and CEO of Mosun Homes and Realtors, in a conversation with Nairametrics, shared robust insights on how strategic alliances and credible investments can bolster the real estate ecosystem in Nigeria, creating untold wealth across various segments of the economy.