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Netflix show's mistake called out after camera crew is 'caught in the background'

A Love is Blind season 6 camera crew were caught filming in several scenes, and Reddit fans soon noticed the editing errors. Crews weren’t only spotted in the background of the BBQ bash…

The drama of Love is Blind is unravelling, but viewers have managed to find their own errors in the editing process. AD was also wearing Clay’s mom’s scarf at one point, and then wasn’t in the next scene.

Camera crew in background😂
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Love is Blind camera crew spotted

During Jimmy and Clay’s conversation, it’s evident camera crews are filming in the bushes, which hasn’t even been edited out. It happens during episode 10 of season six, as the cast headed to a BBQ catch up.

AD arrived early to the get together, and was later joined by partner Clay, who had been at work. As Clay arrived, he went over to Jimmy to say hi, and there you have it – a full-blown camera man filming.

Fans joked that it’s paparazzi who heard Chelsea Blackwell claim she looks like Megan Fox. But it’s not the only time editing went wrong – or at least, it was obvious there were filming crews around.

Netflix fans spot major errors

Love is Blind viewers noticed tripods in the editing scenes when Clay and AD were painting. Another time was when AD wore Clay’s mom’s scarf in one clip, but then wasn’t in the ‘same’ scene.

Another editing error was when they appeared to use the same clip of Laura touching her face twice while arguing with Jeramey, as well as cast members apparently nodding to people off-camera.

Trevor, Johnny and Jeramey could be seen chatting in the men’s living quarters at one point, but then the camera pans back out to a wider shot of the entire room, and there’s a random man sat opposite Trevor!

There was also a scene where Jimmy was talking to Amy at the beach vacation, but they kept changing the angles and cutting to him talking to someone else with a hat in the ‘same’ conversation.

‘Imagine how awkward that is’

We often forget there are filming crews present during any show, but the awkwardness of some of Love Is Blind season 6’s scenes has fans cringing. One example is when Chelsea and Jimmy were arguing.

“Omg when Chelsea and Jimmy were fighting in the bedroom this last episode I literally thought, imagine how awkward that can be. People pouring their heart out in private moments,” said a fan.

Another said, “I’m having a panic attack thinking of having these kind of social interactions AND having them be recorded for all to see forever. Not to mention it’s so awkward. Would only consider if scripted.”


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