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Kylie Jenner's new fragrance promo eerily 'similar' to US singer's iconic music cover

Kylie Jenner has released her Cosmic perfume with sweet and floral fragrance notes. The new parfum is just one of The Kardashians stars’ latest ventures alongside her new clothing brand, KHY.

When we casually strolled through our Instagram feed, we didn’t expect to see Kylie Jenner promoting her new Cosmic parfum, which featured promo of the reality TV star surrounded by florals.

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Kylie Jenner releases Cosmic perfume

Kylie has released a new perfume called Cosmic, which is her first solo fragrance as an entrepreneur. It has “a sweet, warm floral, elevated scent perfect for day and night,” as stated on the Kylie Cosmetics site.

The website adds, “She’s magnetic, addictive and out of this world.” The perfume, which was promoted in a video close-up of Kylie surrounded by liquid, will be available to purchase from March 7.

Her sister Khloe Kardashian described the perfume bottle as “beautiful,” while fragrance notes include jasmine blood orange, golden amber accord and red peony accord, vanilla musk accord and cedarwood.

Fragrance promo compared to singer

When Kylie shared promo pictures with florals surrounding her face, many were reminded of US singer Kaliuchis’ cover art for her new album, Orquideas. Fans even tagged the music artist in the comments.

Jenner wore a flower crown for the photoshoot, but comments say things like, “Ah no orquídeas did it first” and, “Looks like the cover art of red moon in Venus by @kaliuchis.”

Kaliuchis hasn’t responded to the comparisons, and neither has Kylie. Plus, Jenner doesn’t even follow the singer on Instagram, and has no affiliation to the artist, despite having “similar” promo art.

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‘It’s giving Avon’, say fans

Looking at Kylie Jenner’s parfum packaging, Kardashian fans are reminded of a British door service selling beauty products, called Avon. Many have said it’s “giving Avon vibes” in the comments.

Despite some controversy, there’s followers welcoming the new fragrance with open arms. “this bottle is totally different from other perfumes I’ve seen,” said an impressed Kardashian fan.

The bottle is described as “pretty” while the design is “elegant and simple”. So there’s no surprise Kylie’s latest business venture with her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, has people lining up to buy it!

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