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Fans call for 'lie detector test' as Mama June star 'works 150+ hours a week'

Mama June: Family Crisis star Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird has all eyes on her job this March as fans pick apart her latest social media post. Pumpkin took to the internet to share how she was feeling great about her business venture. The TV star said 2024 is her “time to shine” but fans were quick to critique her moment of celebration.

Some Mama June fans are calling for the reality TV star to take a “lie detector test” as she explains how many hours went into getting her company off the ground. Outside of filming her family’s WeTV show, Pumpkin said she “works 150+ hours a week,” before altering her post, per Meaww.

Mama June: What is Pumpkin’s job?

WeTV viewers will likely know of Pumpkin and her family members as they star in their show, Mama June: Family Crisis.

The Shannons, Thompsons, and Efirds are known stars following Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo‘ Thompson’s initial foray into fame in 2012.

Nowadays, Honey Boo Boo’s sister, Pumpkin, is a successful businesswoman as well as a public figure.

She is the owner of The Sisters Closet – a live sale boutique she runs with Alana.

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Fans call for ‘lie detector test’

This March, Pumpkin took to Facebook to share excitement over her business.

Although the Mama June star was keen to share her accomplishments with the world, many people were quick to tear down her claims she “works 150+ hours a week.”

Some people were so outraged by Pumpkin’s claim they created a Reddit thread on the subject.

One person commented on the topic: “There is only 168 hours in a week so I doubt that.”

Another said: “Basic math says that is a 2.5 hour break each day. The lie detector test determined THAT WAS A LIE!”

More echoed the same response: “So basically, according to her calculations, she’s averaging approximately 2.5 hours of sleep every day in a 7-day period.”

Lauryn’s initial Facebook post stated the savage-sounding working week, but she later altered the wording, per Meaww.

Pumpkin’s post now reads: “…Not to brag at all. But this just goes to show that the 100+ hours a week that I put in doesn’t go unnoticed or under appreciated…”

🥹👏🏼 From a very very small corner in my bedroom, moving into a 12×24 shed in my backyard last year, & now we are moving…

Posted by Lauryn Mychelle Efird on Saturday, March 2, 2024

Fans congratulate her

Some of Pumpkin’s followers went in on her claims via Reddit, but her Facebook fans thankfully seem to be showing a ton of support.

Many wrote in the comments of her post: “Your hard work got you here you deserve the world love,” and “So proud of how far you have come! You deserve it all!! Love ya P keep on shining your beautiful light boss babe.”

More celebrated the reality star’s accomplishments and said they “can’t wait to see what comes next.”


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