Does yogurt reduce risk of diabetes? The FDA says it might.

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Food makers can advertise that regularly eating yogurt may reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes without objection from the Food and Drug Administration, the agency announced on Friday.

The decision came in response to a petition that Danone North America — the food giant behind major brands including Dannon, Activia, Wallaby Organic and Silk — submitted in 2018. The company sought FDA acknowledgement that it would not object if Danone marketed yogurt as able to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

The FDA confirmed on Friday that it will not oppose the claim, with some caveats. Any language to consumers must note that the evidence is limited and that eating two cups (three servings) of yogurt per week is the threshold for reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes, it said.

Danone submitted its petition as part of a standard process for what the FDA calls “qualified health claims.” Such claims do not require the agency’s approval, but companies petition the FDA to define the specific language they can safely use without the agency coming after them for making false claims.