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Who Is ExtraEmily ? Exploring Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Career

Furthermore, Extraemily invested in her streaming career by upgrading her PC to a gaming setup and purchasing a Cyberpower PC to ensure high-quality content for her audience. She demonstrated her dedication by completing a 24-hour stream playing Super Mario Odyssey, competing against other streamers, and performing speed runs.

Extraemily, a 24-year-old streamer, hails from Omaha, Nebraska, but relocated to New York City to focus on her streaming career. She attended Columbia University and works as a Tech analyst alongside her streaming activities. Known for her unique perspective and comedic timing, she has garnered a positive reputation among fans.

Moreover, Extraemily gained recognition through her TikTok content, featuring a variety of skits, which was also showcased on the popular YouTube channel “day to day does of the web.”

Extraemily’s real name is Emily Xuechun Zhang, born on January 16, 1994. She joined Twitch on October 27, 2019, under the handle @extraemily. With over 5,000 subscribers on Twitch and more than 6,000 followers on Twitter (@extraemilyy), she has built a significant online presence.