We want marriage as Valentine’s Day gift, ladies cry out

We want marriage as Valentine’s Day gift, ladies cry out

Valentine’s Day

Published By: Isa Isawade

By Martha Agas

As they celebrate Valentine’s Day, some single ladies have expressed concerns about what they describe as long love affairs that have never stimulated any plan for marriage.

The ladies said they would prefer marriage proposals to mark the day instead of the gifts and dinner dates their partners usually organised.

In a survey conducted by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday, some ladies say the dinner was usually to deflect attention from the major discussion of marriage.

A humanitarian worker who pleaded anonymity said that she had been dating her boyfriend for more than two years. Still, he had not proposed marriage despite the love they shared and his financial stability.

“No gift can impress me at my level, he has gifted me an iPhone for Christmas except he wants to buy me a house, he should just come and see my people,” she said.

Another lady, Miriam Dan, a civil servant, said that she had been in a relationship for more than four years, yet no formal marriage proposal was in view.

“I have given him an ultimatum. I am not getting younger and a woman’s body is a biological clock ticking, propose and forget about gifts.

“He only told me he would marry two years ago informally, but he has not seen my people yet,” she said.

A hairdresser, Salome John, said that even though she started dating her boyfriend in 2023, she would like to be proposed to and would support him in running the home.

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“He is hardworking but he has not reached his breakthrough level, maybe that is what is delaying the proposal, but I can support him run the home, he should forget about gifts,” she said.

Alheri Davou, a food vendor, said that her boyfriend had prioritised building his house instead of settling down.

“I hope to be proposed to this time around not all these outings they organise. Am not impressed by that.

“Even though he said he is building, he can marry and then we continue because this project he is doing is over two years now,” she said.

A civil servant who pleaded anonymity said that she had been in a distant relationship for three years and was expecting a proposal not gifts.

“Distance is not a barrier, technology has made things easier, he can propose on WhatsApp, I want to be surprised,” she said.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every Feb. 14 and it is usually associated with expression of affection with greetings and gifts.

It was not initially celebrated as a day of romance until the 14th century.

The day must have been taken from a priest named St. Valentine who is remembered for his selfless acts of help for couples.

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