Two arrested on charges of stealing Pride flags from a queer couple’s Virginia home

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Two men have been arrested in the theft of LGBTQ Pride flags from outside a queer couple’s home in Arlington, Virginia, over several months.

Matthew Henshaw, 20, was arrested and charged in three of the five thefts that occurred from September to January; he was charged with three counts of bias-motivated unlawful entry and three counts of petit larceny, the Arlington County Police Department said in a statement Friday. Joseph Digregorio, 23, was charged with one count of petit larceny in connection with one of the thefts.

Michelle Logan moved into the Arlington home of her girlfriend, Jenna Burnett, in July, and the couple decided to display a Pride flag outside the house. Two months later, on Sept. 16, the couple woke up to find the rainbow flag had been ripped from its pole. Footage from their Ring security camera showed a man approaching the home around 2:30 a.m. and stealing the flag, the women said.

“The flagpole was completely destroyed,” Logan told NBC News. “We reviewed the footage, and it looked like someone in a cowboy hat and like a flannel just kind of running up and ripping it down, and then sort of running away with his friends.”