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TV star asks trolls to 'stop harassing her' and apologizes for saying she had cancer

Mary from 90 Day Fiance claims her previous colon cancer claims were a “mistake” after she and Brandan had a fundraiser closed down. She told fans she misunderstood her “colon issues”.

Just days after asking 90 Day Fiance viewers to donate to help with medical aid, Mary has gone back on claims she was diagnosed with cancer. She has now apologised to her followers and explained herself.

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90 Day Fiance’s Mary retracts cancer claims

Mary from 90 Day Fiance revealed she does not have colon cancer, admitting she is “human and made a mistake”. When she was told she has “colon issues,” Mary claims she panicked and had an anxiety attack.

“I thought, I have colon cancer, and posted it without thinking. It’s my fault and I’m very sorry about it,” Mary told her followers on Instagram. She also asked people to “stop harassing her” after the claims.

“I’m just a human. I’m in pain right now and the pain won’t go away. I kept throwing up and I feel so weak. The doctor says my liver is inflamed and I have blood infection, UTI and haemorrhoids,” she said.

Mary and Brandan’s fundraiser closed

Mary and Brandan’s fundraiser was removed on Monday February 19, citing the reason, “GoGetFunding has been requested or required to stop this campaign”. She later explained why on her Instagram Story.

They posted the fundraiser on Friday, February 16, and left it up for several days. In the description of the fundraising page, Mary wrote that she’s “scared of the surgery” she believed she had to have.

She claimed her doctor warned the cancer “needs to be removed before it’s too late”. However, TLC fans were quick to doubt whether the claims were true, before it came out the diagnosis was not true.

She has ‘no financial support’

Mary claimed on the fundraiser she has “no financial support” as she is the “only one working in the family”. A screenshot shared by a fan shows that more than $1.3K was raised in donations in those few days.

It comes after she and Brandan got married and moved to the Philippines. Since then, the couple have welcomed a now-six month old daughter, Midnight, who was delivered via C-section.

They currently sell cell phones to make money, as revealed on the show. The couple added they make $18 profit per phone, and also launched an online store, where they sold bracelets and snacks.

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