'True Detective: Night Country' star says it's a 'shame' creator Nic Pizzolatto reposted fan hate

Original “True Detective” creator Nic Pizzolatto is once again making headlines for seemingly bashing the show’s fourth season, “True Detective: Night Country,” which was the first not to be created by Pizzolatto himself.

“Night Country” hailed from Issa López, who directed and co-wrote all six episodes. Pizzolatto was still an executive producer on the show, but he distanced himself from “Night Country” during its run and generated significant backlash after reposting criticisms of the finale to his Instagram story.

Pizzolatto did not provide any personal commentary on the “True Detective: Night Country” finale. Instead, he chose to share negative reactions from other people who slammed the new season as “disrespectful and insulting” and a “hot mess.” He reposted several fans who were outraged with the finale and its “lazy, nonsensical” resolutions and claimed that Lopez had “butchered” his original writing given the connections between “Night Country” and the first season of “True Detective.”

Backlash against Pizzolatto caught the eye of Kali Reis, the wrestler-turned-actor who headlined “Night Country” alongside Jodie Foster.