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Trans First Dates star secures 'first kiss as a woman' years after Big Brother fame

During the Valentine’s Day special of First Dates, India Willoughby embarked on a journey to find love, and potentially a ‘history making’ kiss.

For the former Celebrity Big Brother star, 57, this was going to be a special journey, as she had not been kissed since coming out as a trans woman almost 10 years ago. This meant her first kiss as a woman was potentially on the cards.

India’s ‘historic’ First Dates smooch

India, known as a Loose Women panellist and former Celebrity Big Brother star, was matched with Gareth, 41, on the Channel 4 dating show.

Reciting her typical Valentines Day, India said: “I sit at home with a takeaway watching a romcom. My mum sends me a card but I’ve kind of sussed who’s doing it now.”

She also told cameras, “I love romance but I don’t want to be a tick on the bed post and used basically.”

After ordering a Sexy Beast cocktail, India disclosed to First Dates bartender Merlin that she’d neither had a date or shared a kiss as a trans woman. Since her transition, she has “a new anatomy,” adding “there are no miles on the clock”.

As India revealed her phone was full of horrible messages and trolls saying she’s “ugly” almost every day, Gareth responded by calling her stunning with “beautiful eyes”.

The two went on to share not just one smooch but two – making Gareth the first person she had kissed as a woman.

India agreed to see her date again, and he felt the same, before they started kissing again in front of producers!

India Willoughby and Gareth kiss on First Dates.
Credit: First Dates/Channel 4/Twitter

Willoughby’s Big Brother fame following transition

Following her transition in 2016, India starred on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, but was the first person evicted on the 11th day. By day four, she kicked off and told houseguests she “spent 15 years of her life trapped in the wrong body”.

“I am a transgender person here and I am annoyed,” she told Amanda who misgendered her. “I’m here as a real woman, not a he, I’m a she, I want to say it one more time so it really penetrates.”

India spoke about her trans journey and said, “I feel like a guy in this house would feel more comfortable flirting with Shane, a gay guy, than flirting with me – not because I’m a woman, but because I’m trans.”

Celebrity Big Brother - Launch Night
Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images


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