South Africa-Saudi Arabia Multi Billion Dollars Conference: Sujimoto Recounts Opportunities For Nigeria

Over the last two decades, Africa’s emerging markets, with over 1.5 billion people, have continuously gained noticeable attention from investors across the globe, a clear indication that the world cannot ignore the commercial importance of the growing economy, just as Sujimoto has chosen not to disregard the continent’s vast opportunities.

It was given these ambitious economic ties that I was specially invited to the South African- Saudi Arabia Business Council, which is geared towards exploring the potential of establishing a robust bilateral relationship that will serve as a catalyst for the future of Africa’s next economy amidst the current inflation outlook.

In charting a sustainable course for Nigeria’s luxury real estate sector and, more importantly, for all entrepreneurs across Africa, the business forum, which was more than a meeting but also an investment opportunity, served as an important axe for the future of Sujimoto in South Africa and in Saudi Arabia.