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RHOBH star's simple business she launched with her brother now 'worth over $100M'

Crystal Minkoff dropped the huge bombshell her coconut water brand, Real Coco Water, is now “worth over $100M” on the RHOBH part 1 reunion. She launched the simple business with her brother in Asia.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans went wild after it was announced one of the show’s stars has built a multi-million dollar biz. Crystal Minkoff went from a college graduate to business owner real quick.

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Crystal Minkoff’s coconut water

Crystal Minkoff owns a coconut water business sourced from Asia, called Real Coco Water. She co-founded the company with her brother, Jeffrey Kung, who is based in China, and friend Brian Bardos.

This year, the company expanded into Smart and Final nationwide, as well as Amazon and Costco! The coconut water by Crystal Minkoff is actually made in real farms before it’s placed into a bottle.

The company claims to never use chemical-based pesticides, fertilizers, or artificial irrigation, and have been grown in jungles of Vietnam, and Thailand, across the same farming communities for generations. 

From college grad to multi-millionaire

After Crystal brought up Dorit Kemsley’s “child bride comment,” Minkoff said, “I got married at 24, I had already gone to college, and I’ve built a company worth over $100 million right now.”

Host Andy Cohen clarified, “The coconut water?” Crystal confirmed, “Yes.” The RHOBH slammed Dorit for saying she got married “at 12” before educating her on why the term “child bride” is offensive.

Alongside Crystal’s multimillion dollar business, she’s a mother to Zoe and Max, Bravo star (of course!) and a wife to American filmmaker Rob Minkoff, who has worked on huge films like Stuart Little.

Real Coco Water started as ‘fun’

Real Coco Water was launched as a “fun project on the side,” with no idea the business would take off in the way it did. In 2021, Crystal told The Daily Dish she runs the company with her brother and best friend.

“When this opportunity came up [for Real Coco], we started our coconut water company in Asia ‘cause we source everything from Southeast Asia, it just made sense,” she said. “So, he ran all the logistics of it.”

Crystal continued, “I helped develop all the products. I create the new products, and it was just sort of a fun project on the side that sort of became a much bigger thing.”

“My brother and I and my best friend, the three of us, we’re so close, and so it was such a fun thing to do that keeps us constantly connected,” Crystal added… and the rest is history!

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