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Rex Burkhead’s Net Worth Before Retirement – A Deep Dive into Career Earnings and Contracts

Rex Burkhead, a seasoned football player, began his impressive career with four years of collegiate football with the Cornhuskers before catching the eye of the Bengals in the 2013 Draft. After a commendable four-season stint with the Bengals, Burkhead made a significant move to the Patriots on a one-year deal.1

Despite his role as a backup player for a substantial part of his career, Burkhead earned the moniker “Mr. Consistent” from his former coaches. His contribution to the teams he played for was far from ordinary, leaving a vital impact on both the Bengals and the Patriots.

Teaming up with legendary quarterback Tom Brady, Burkhead reached the pinnacle of success by winning the Super Bowl in 2019. Despite being a backup player, Burkhead showcased his prowess by scoring three touchdowns during the postseason, proving instrumental in securing the championship victory.

On a recent Monday, Rex Burkhead made a heartfelt retirement announcement via an Instagram post. The announcement marked the end of a remarkable career that spanned four years with the Patriots.