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Real Housewives star likes 'micro cheating' video as she embarks on single independent life

Kyle Richards has liked a micro cheating video on Instagram as she embarks on newly-single life. She’s still living with Mauricio and remains insistent neither of them did any wrongdoing before their split.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans stood silent when their favorite cast member revealed she had split from her husband. Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky are now navigating post-marriage life.

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Kyle Richards likes ‘micro cheating’ post

Kyle Richards has liked an Instagram reel on micro cheating, posted by influencer Sameeksha Dhoundiyal. They say micro-cheating includes “secretly messaging someone” and “deleting messages”.

Other actions stated are “complaining about your partner to other people,” “maintaining contact with your exes or people you used to talk to,” and “lying about your relationship status online or offline”.

The post also adds “being touchy with someone else,” “trying to impress someone who isn’t your partner,” “having [a] secret friendship” and “stalking someone you find attractive” as micro cheating.

When Kyle liked the micro cheating post amid her separation from Mauricio Umansky, fan account @fanreality16 quickly noticed the action and shared it with its followers.

One viewer penned: “I already hate the term micro-cheating.”

While a fellow Bravo fan said: “That’s just weird.”

Kyle, however, did not elaborate on why she liked the Instagram post.

She’s embarking on post-married life

Kyle and Mauricio confirmed their separation in July 2023 after 27 years of marriage. The former couple insisted at the time there was “no wrongdoing on anyone’s part” at the time.

They still live together and, as seen on RHOBH, are embarking on regular therapy sessions. Since then, Mauricio has been spotted holding hands with his Dancing With The Stars partner.

She told him on the show she didn’t feel as though he made their family a priority, adding: “If there’s no effort made or put into us, we’re not gonna end up together.”

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