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Real Housewives boat ride turns into 'total chaos' and fans can't believe it

A boat ride descended into “total chaos” on The Real Housewives of Miami and fans don’t know what to do with themselves. Many are questioning why the Bravo show is “slept on” as it certainly comes through with the drama. There have been a ton of messy moments on the show that deserve more recognition than what they get.

Back in 2011, The Real Housewives of Miami was a new addition to the Bravo world. Following the success of all the other Real Housewives shows, it makes perfect sense to have a Miami series, too. However, after three seasons, the show was canceled due to low ratings. In 2021, 10 years since fans first ever saw RHOM, the show rebooted on Peacock with some new cast members. Now, viewers can’t get enough of the ladies’ drama.

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Guerdy tries to confide in Larsa

RHOM season 6 has been a whirlwind of events for the Bravo show’s cast.

After finding out about her breast cancer diagnosis, Guerdy Abraira attempted to confide in Larsa Pippen.

Guerdy said to Larsa: “I have breast cancer,” and she replied: “How was I supposed to know that?”

The ladies’ conversation got heated as Guerdy cried: “Larsa, stop, please.”

Larsa said she “wanted to cry for” Guerdy as her friend begged for a “safe space” to share her news.

Guerdy hadn’t told anyone else yet and asked Larsa to keep the news to herself. But, six hours later she told some of her houseguests about the diagnosis. Then when the rest of the Housewives arrive at her party, she tells them, too.

Adriana brings up the Kardashians

Larsa is often linked back to the Kardashians after being former friends with the family.

The RHOM OG was accused of “going below the belt” by Adriana de Moura who also called her “Kim Kardashian‘s minion.”

Larsa said her co-star was trying to “bait her into talking about the Kardashians” before the two erupted into a screaming match across the dinner table.

Larsa ‘doesn’t have a Todd’

There have been a fair few times on RHOM where normal conversations quickly turned into full-blown shouting matches. And, season 6 is coming through with many more heated moments.

The Real Housewives of Miami’s January 24 episode saw Larsa explain to Alexia Nepola how she felt “hurt” by comments she made.

Larsa was sad she didn’t “…have a Todd,” talking about how Alexia leans on her husband.

Alexia was immediately “disrespected,” and said: “You guys don’t know what Todd provides for me.”

Defending herself, Alexia added: “You don’t have to take away from me.”

Kiki Barth’s hilarious commentary of the moment had fans calling her an MVP of the show after Larsa’s complaint.

RHOM’s ‘chaotic’ boat ride

Episodes 14 and 15 of The Real Housewives of Miami season 6 saw the ladies spending time in Mexico.

Adding to the list of messy moments from the Bravo show, episode 15 saw fans taking to X (Twitter) in total shock at how their boat ride descended into “total and utter chaos.”

Many fans took to social media to call the scene “insane,” tweeting: “This boat ride is insane – fights, vomiting, hanging dolls… mariachi.”

Another wrote: “I’m sorry them all crying on this boat is taking me out.”

The Real Housewives of Miami stars, Adriana de Moura, Dr. Nicole Martin, Guerdy Abraira and Kiki Barth pose for photos at the SHAN show at The Paraiso Tent
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