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Quest for quick riches nearly ends in forex trader’s ritual killing

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A KwaZulu-Natal forex trader, who was almost killed in a human ritual sacrifice, has told the police that he would no longer pursue the case because his life has been threatened by two traditional healers.

According to police, the man no longer wanted to speak to them because he feared witchcraft would be used against him.

Riches do not come overnight

On 1 February, the 25-year-old man was rescued by the Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) from a human sacrifice ritual.

He had been at a car wash in Mhlasini, north of Durban, where he met a trainee sangoma who promised him instant riches.

The young man found himself in this life-threatening predicament because he wanted a shortcut to being rich.

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“The victim was informed that he would be able to purchase cars, a home and become a millionaire,” according to RUSA.

Witchcraft comes overnight

On the day of the ritual, the trainee sangoma and the victim visited two witchdoctors − one from Mozambique in Pinetown and one from Zimbabwe in Durban.

On their way to the second witchdoctor, the victim was informed by a random man that he was being led to his death.

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“A male informed him that the trainee sangoma was planning to sacrifice him after lighting incense sticks and conducting a final ritual,” according to RUSA.

Caught in a tight position, the victim was unable to run away, and was therefore led inside the witchdoctor’s lair.

Impeccable timing

In there, the traditional healer started to burn incense making the victim dizzy.

At about 22:09, the victim then decided to contact one of RUSA’s officers he had once asked assistance from for a job.

“The complainant mentioned that he needed to be rescued and provided some information. He added that he could not take a call and provided details of his location and a door number,” said RUSA.

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When the officers got to the traditional healer’s location, they found the victim and expedited him to the police station. The following morning, the victim took a taxi back to his hometown.

According to RUSA spokesperson Prem Balram, the victim did not open a case against the traditional healers.

“He has now switched off his phone, but when he called he informed me he is getting threats from two of the traditional healers.

“He was very upset and he believes that they might try to kill him,” said Balram.

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