Nigerian Stock Exchange sees N773 billion dip in Equities 

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) encountered a modest decline in its primary indicators, marked by prevailing bearish sentiment that resulted in a drop of 1412.64 points in the NGX All-Share Index (ASI), settling at 100,582.89 points. 

Market capitalization suffered a setback, decreasing by N773 billion to reach N55.04 trillion by the close of the session. This downturn reflected the prevalent bearish sentiment among investors, attributed to significant declines of 10% and 9.94% in the share prices of FBN Holdings and MTNN, both members of the SWOOT group. 

Trading activity also saw a decline, with a total volume of 280.46 million shares traded, marking a decrease of 13.86 million shares compared to the previous session’s volume of 294.32 million shares.