Microsoft Copilot now has AI image editing capabilities, and the interface has received a visual overhaul.

Microsoft has released a big update to its AI assistant platform, Copilot. Microsoft Copilot has undergone a design overhaul a year after its launch, which the firm claims would give the platform a “streamlined look and feel”.

The redesigned interface includes a carousel of prompt suggestions to assist users comprehend the AI tool’s potential. The new UI is now available on the website and in the Copilot Android and iOS apps. Meanwhile, the AI assistant may now alter the photographs that it generates.

The business highlighted the modifications in a blog post, revealing that the Copilot will now have a redesigned UI. The homepage of the website appears to be cleaner, with a single Copilot logo at the top, followed by a visual carousel displaying the AI-generated images, as well as text instructions around the images. At the bottom, there is a text section where you can ask questions. “Today when you visit Copilot, you will see a more streamlined look and feel designed to help you bring your ideas to life and more easily gain understanding about the world,” the firm said in a statement.

Aside from the updated interface, Microsoft has included a new tool to Copilot called Designer, which allows for in-line customization of the generated graphics. Users can personalize or change the image without leaving the chat window.

The editing tool allows you to highlight an object, enhance the colors, blur the backdrop, and rethink the image in a different art style. All of these capabilities are available in the free version of the program.

In addition to the features listed above, Copilot Pro customers will be able to resize and regenerate photos between square and landscape without leaving the chat. “We will soon roll out our new Designer GPT inside Copilot, which offers an immersive, dedicated canvas inside of Copilot where you can visualise your ideas,” said the company’s CEO.

Microsoft will also make advertising for the Super Bowl, the National Football League’s (NFL) championship game in the United States, after a four-year absence. The company announced that this year’s ads will focus on people’s “watch me” moments with Copilot where the capabilities of the tool will be showcased.



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