Maggots from rotten fish in overhead bin fall on passenger aboard international Delta flight

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Passengers aboard a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit got a surprising, and disgusting, announcement from the pilot an hour into their flight — they’d be turning around due to maggots falling from a bag in an overhead bin, showering a passenger in the process.

Maggots — the larvae of flies — were found falling from a bag carrying an apparently rotten fish on Delta flight 133 Tuesday, a passenger said. Maggots, which are small and worm-like, are typically found in decaying organic matter.

Passenger Philip Schotte, who is Dutch and lives in Iowa, said he saw a maggot fall on a woman at the end of his row, and saw several more fall around her seat.

“I noticed the lady on the other end was doing something on the empty chair next to her, but I couldn’t quite see,” he told NBC News Friday. “I kind of peeked over again and I saw that there were a couple of maggots on the chair that she was trying to kind of contain and stop from falling off the chair. As soon as she noticed that I noticed, she explained that they were falling from the overhead storage.”