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Love is Blind star's wild 'text messages' with another woman 'during filming' causes chaos

Trevor Sova from Love is Blind is believed to have had a girlfriend during filming. Reported ‘text messages’ of the season 6 mullet-rocking star saw him discuss getting to know Chelsea in the pods.

Love is Blind fans are going wild after screenshots of Trevor seemingly messaging his ‘girlfriend’ were discovered. The woman, Natalia Marrero, has spoken out on Instagram, addressing their recent split.

Trevor Sova sits leaning arms on knees on Love is Blind, while sat on grey sofa.
Credit: Love is Blind/Netflix 2024

Trevor’s ‘girlfriend’ during Love is Blind

Trevor Sova faces rumors he had a girlfriend while filming Love is Blind season 6. Screenshots imply he broke up with a woman called Natalia Marrero just weeks before the show hit Netflix.

“I do respect you. I wouldn’t intentionally ruin things and push you away if I didn’t know that you deserve 10x better than me,” a supposed text from Trevor reads, which is dated on February 2, 2024.

Trevor’s representative has been asked for comment by GRV Media and Reality Titbit.

Leaked text messages cause chaos

The texts begin on March 26, 2023. The first message is said to be from Trevor and reads, “I love you so much honey. I’m excited for it but more excited to get back to you after and start our life together.”

A reply from Natalia reads, “Did you find other ppl [people] on plane doing the show,” implying she had knowledge of his casting. Trevor’s reported reply says that he met another man from the show.

They “established why we are here and agreed on it.” That reason was, “No matter what we are not getting married lol.” The next screenshot jumps to April 5, 2023, when Trevor got his phone back.

The supposed texts from Trevor say, “I love you more than anything in this world” and “I’m going to marry you.” She said “I can’t wait.” Another said he “had to pretend that this wasn’t real life”.

Natalia Marrero makes online claims

Natalia Marrero, who has been seen in pictures with Trevor, claims he ghosted her for seven days, which was three weeks before the show aired. He then “broke up with her when he returned home”.

She also claims he’s already filmed Perfect Match 2, and wrote: “He tried to call me yesterday morning before everything came out. I had to block his number. He blocked me on IG this morning.”

When a fan asked if she’ll “share her truth” at the reunion, Natalia said, “Maybe, but it’s unlikely this will happen.” She also said Trevor brought her to a pool party two weeks after filming ended.

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