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Love is Blind star works 'glamorous' job filled with 'love letters' and 3am starts

Love is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell from season 6 works for a top airline when she’s not dating in a pod. She’s no stranger to the “glamorous” jet-setting lifestyle, and even receives a few love letters.

The Netflix star had two men pining for her heart, including Jimmy and Trevor, the latter of which declared his love for her. Well, it seems the Love is Blind contestant even receives love notes at work.

Credit: Netflix 2024/Love is Blind

Love is Blind’s Chelsea works for top airline

Chelsea Blackwell from Love is Blind season 6 works for American Airlines. She’s been a flight attendant since 2016, a job she describes as “glamorous” despite having its challenges, like 3am starts.

She is also the creative CEO behind Rugged and Radiant, her own wedding planning venture. Chelsea has spent nine years in customer service, as a barista, a receptionist, a flight attendant, and paraprofessional.

The Netflix star has worked for one of the major US-based airlines headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, for over seven years, which has allowed her to jet-set the globe, such as to Jamaica and St Kitts & Nevis.

Season 6 star often gets ‘love notes’

A man called Kevin was once flying as a passenger on Chelsea’s plane, to which he warned her “not to bump her pretty head during turbulence”. He then gave her his number – as you do.

She shared the incident on her Instagram highlights, which are dedicated to her job. That’s not the only kind gesture (if you can call it that) Chelsea has received, having once been slipped a $20 note!

Jimmy’s new fiancee also once complimented a passenger on her clothing, to which she was given the item as a gift. Overall, it’s clear Chelsea is incredibly passionate about her jet-setting career.

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From 3am starts to ‘glamorous’ travel

Chelsea once admitted she’d rather sleep on a plane than in a “creepy hotel room”. She even admits the job can be a “mess” but that the “lifestyle never ceases to amaze her”.

The date-goer wrote, “As gnarly as this job’s been the last few months, this view is 1000% worth it,” while sharing a snap of the clouds from her plane window. Yet sometimes, she doesn’t get home until 2am!

One time, Chelsea said, “Okay American Airlines, this is the glamorous lifestyle I signed up for,” while walking on a red carpet. But does that make up for trash that once spilled all over her during turbulence?

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