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Love is Blind couple row over female friends and research proves one of them right

Jimmy and Chelsea haven’t had the smoothest ride on Love is Blind, to say the least. In this week’s new episodes they’re caught in another argument after Chelsea feels ‘uncomfortable’ with him spending so much time with his girl friends. It’s sparked the debate on Twitter, can guys and girls just be friends?

The Netflix show just released two new episodes, and we only have one to go to see which couples make it down the altar. Love is Blind is in its sixth season in the US, and due to its success has traveled to countries including Brazil, Sweden, and Japan. The show is also due to be coming to the UK soon, but before then, we’re due to see which couples from season 6 actually will say I do…

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Chelsea is ‘uncomfortable’ with Jimmy having so many girl friends

Last week, we saw the all-important meet the friends and family episodes. Things seemed to be going well, although Jimmy’s two best friends were female. Chelsea did get on with them, however, announced she was wary, due to her exes cheating on her with their female friends.

Although the couple thought they could look past this, this week, they had one of their biggest arguments yet, due to Jimmy going out without Chelsea. She said she felt ‘uncomfortable’ with him being with his girl friends, but the Software Sales worker would not be taking a step back.

After a cooling down period, the couple made up, and three days before the wedding, they look happier than ever as they enjoy a private date at a theme park. But we all know how quickly things can change in this show…

Despite them making up, fans on X, formerly known as Twitter couldn’t get over the conversation, with many of them telling Jimmy to leave, a complete 180 from last week’s opinions.

“I cannot believe Chelsea has me wanting to defend Jimmy from the wild scenarios she’s making up in her head,” tweeted one fan.

“Chelsea acting like Jimmy has killed her dog all because he went out for one drink and she doesn’t like going out so that means he’s not allowed to go out without her. Jimmy my man RUN,” wrote another.

A third said: “Not Jimmy and Chelsea having the ‘can girls and guys be friends argument’ at their big age.”

It then sparked the debate, can guys and girls just be friends?

Can girls and guys just be friends? Here’s what the research says

It’s the debate that has fueled relationship arguments since the beginning of time, but what do the experts say?

The debate has even had research put into it, and a study by the University of Wisconsin brought 88 pairs of friends from different genders into a lab. They promised not to speak about discussing the study after they left, as they were asked about any romantic feelings they felt (or didn’t feel) toward each other. 

In conclusion, the study found men were more likely to be attracted to their female friends, and also more likely to wrongly believe their female friends were into them.

In the most recent episode, we heard Chelsea exclaim that Jimmy had been intimate with one of his platonic girlfriends, something that he told her in secret off camera. Apparently, it was just a one-time thing, but from this study, and her personal experiences, maybe Chelsea does have the right to feel insecure!

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