Lara Trump suggests GOP voters would support the RNC paying Trump’s legal bills

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Lara Trump, former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law whom he endorsed as co-chair of the Republican National Committee, said Wednesday that she believes Republican voters are interested in the RNC funding Trump’s legal bills.

After speaking at the former president’s South Carolina campaign headquarters Wednesday evening, Lara Trump was asked by NBC News if she thinks the RNC paying for his legal bills is something that would be of interest to Republican voters.

“Absolutely. That’s why you’ve seen a GoFundMe get started,” she said in remarks to a gaggle of reporters, referring to a GoFundMe page set up by Trump’s supporters in response to his multiple legal battles. “That’s why people are furious right now and they see the attacks against him. They feel like it’s an attack, not just on Donald Trump, but on this country … So I think that is a big interest to people. Absolutely.”

Lara Trump also gave her pitch on why she should be elected as co-chair of the RNC in response to a question by NBC News.