In some of her bluntest comments yet, Nikki Haley says Trump is 'diminished' and 'unhinged'

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley defended her past support of Donald Trump while deepening her criticism of her main rival for the GOP nomination, arguing that the former president is “more diminished than he was.”

In an interview Tuesday with “TODAY” co-host Craig Melvin, Haley made a generational argument for her presidential candidacy, swiping at both Trump and President Joe Biden to argue that they are both “diminished.” And she justified her past support for Trump, during both his two previous presidential campaigns and her service in his administration, by saying he has changed since then.

“During the time that I was in the administration, I called him out every single time,” Haley said, arguing that her past support for Trump wasn’t unconditional. “If something was wrong — I had a conversation with him about Charlottesville, I had a conversation about something that he would say about women, I had a conversation with him about multiple things.

“The problem now is he is not the same person he was in 2016,” she continued. “He is unhinged; he is more diminished than he was, just like Joe Biden’s more diminished than what he was.