Friends, faith and travel drive Black joy — and so does a high income, poll says

Black Americans say they find joy and fulfillment in spending time with family and friends, their faith and traveling, according to a Pew Research Center analysis published Thursday.

Nearly 4 in 5 Black adults across all socioeconomic levels say they get a great deal or fair amount of joy or fulfillment from spending time with loved ones. Two-thirds said the same for spiritual or religious practices, and over half said the same for traveling. However, activities that can cost more, such as travel or creating and experiencing the arts, can be difficult for lower-income Black Americans to access.

“This is part of our deep dive into the Black experience, and one of the things that we know about Black adults is they have one of the largest intraracial income inequality gaps,” said Pew research associate and study author Khadijah Edwards.

Data for the analysis came from two 2023 Pew surveys of 9,400 Black Americans on personal happiness and joy.