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Five obvious reasons we're Team Maria after The Bachelor star's dramatic feud with 'weird' co-star

Maria and Sydney embarked on a wild argument on The Bachelor, to the point where Joey had to get involved in the drama. It was so crazy that Joey sent one of the girls home – and we’re shook.

Madina Alama claimed she was self-conscious about her age on The Bachelor Season 28. Maria made a comment about what Madina’s feelings, which Sydney heard, and it all kicked off from there. (*Spoilers*)

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Sydney made wild claims on The Bachelor

The feud between The Bachelor stars all started from a comment Madina shared, but it ended in another argument between Maria and Sydney, who spoke up and said she also felt bullied.

“You, I don’t wanna hear from, no offense, because you started it,” Maria told Sydney. Then Maria addressed Madina, telling her: “I left it in the past…”

Sydney said: “She called me embarrassing, weird, and dumb.” Maria did call Sydney “weird” when she walked off, but Bachelor Nation is convinced she never said any of the other insults.

If Joey’s happy with Maria, we’re happy

In the next episode in Week 4, Maria and Sydney went on a Two-on-One Date in Week 4 in Malta, where Joey heard each of their sides. “If you like Sydney, there’s no way you can like me,” Maria said to Joey.

During the date, Joey believed Maria’s side over Sydney. He gave Maria and Sydney the date roses but Sydney does get sent home soon. If there’s anyone who knows how to follow their gut instinct… It’s Joey!

As he observed, “How Maria was talking to me felt more real than how Sydney was talking to me.”

Maria is always ready for a fight

Maria has a black belt in Taekwondo karate, so we certainly wouldn’t be messing with her the way Sydney did. In other words, she can also kick Joey’s ass if it comes to it!

She doesn’t just have a way with her kicks, but had a few strong phrases to use during her on-screen feud. When Sydney accused Maria of bullying her, she was not having it.

Madina never named Maria, and she insisted that she never actually called her a bully. She only told Joey she “felt” bullied. Sydney, however, said she also felt this way and had to “walk away from this situation”.

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The Bachelor stars back Maria’s side

Multiple women in the house, including Edwina and Allison, denied that Maria was a bully. As Edwina put it, “To understand Maria, you just have to know she’s always going to come straightforward to you.” 

So if we’re going via the majority, it makes sense we’re Team Maria! Plus, her co-stars are actually living with her, and you know what they say about how you really get to know someone…

It’s old news – but not to Sydney

Although Madina and Maria are totally fine with each other, Sydney has not dropped the feud. She kept making comments, like, “I don’t know what she wants from me, Does she want me to give her a limb?”

She then added, “Does she want me to cut off a limb? I don’t know!” This is despite telling Joey she was “cool, calm and collected talking to Maria.” Umm, somehow we don’t quite think that’s the case.


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