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Enough of creating jobs waffle

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Enough is enough. Stop with this incessant job creating nonsense. We, the people of South Africa, are working ourselves to death.

Any more job creation plans and I will seriously consider bringing charges of slavery against the political masters.

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There is just way too much work for the small number of people tasked with getting it done.

As things stand, I have a fulltime job, as well as two part-time ones.

Yes. The wife is lucky, because she only has one full-time and one part-time.

And apart from all this, the wife and I also do that job they call hustling. We’ve sold bunny chow at art festivals, cold drinks at a Mardi Gras, boerie rolls at school sport days, made ginger beer, renovated properties, bought and sold antiques and taken wedding photographs.

I am now sick and tired of hearing how many more jobs the ANC is going to create, for the simple reason that I cannot possibly take another one.

Full stop. With an exclamation mark!

For the past three decades, every State of the Nation Address (Sona), every budget speech, every election manifesto, every rally, every medium-term budget policy statement has culminated in the ruling party telling the world how many more jobs they will be creating.

I’m not making this up. Ask Mrs Google. The Nelson Mandela-era saw three million jobs created, Thabo Mbeki upped it to five, Jacob Zuma zipped it to over eleventy-seven million and so the story continues.

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All we have heard for 30 years, is how much more work is in the pipeline.

The ANC seems nothing but an endless job creation production line.

And not even load shedding can get that production line to slow down or just halt for a little while us workers catch our breath.

To be completely honest, I am not the world’s hardest-working person. In fact, I consider myself a bit on the lazy side.

It is therefore no wonder that every time I hear about a new employment plan, I do not stay calm and exit in an organised, single-file line. I run and scream.

With a Sona, a budget speech, and an election manifesto all delivered within a week, South Africans must brace themselves for an avalanche of work. Good luck, my fellow South Africans.