EAIS celebrates 22nd Founder’s Day

 The East Airport Interna­tional School (EAIS) in Accra, over the weekend celebrated its 22nd Founders’ Day on the theme “Acquiring the habit of discipline for life and academic success”.

The event saw both pupils and students in several performances in arts, science and sports.

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In an address to mark the day, Wing Commander Hilda Akuo­ko Adjei of the Ghana Air Force, said that it was important to make discipline a habit in all spheres of life as it is the bedrock of success.

“It is often said that being successful is not about just talent and intelligence, but about con­sistent effort and focused dedication and discipline is the tool that enables us to remain consis­tent in our efforts and stay dedicated so that we can harness our potential and turn it into tangible achievements,” she said.

She said: “In the realm of academic success, discipline man­ifests in various ways, including regular attendance to classes, diligent study habits, seeking assistance when needed, and a commitment to lifelong habits.”

According to her, discipline ex­tends beyond the confines of the classroom and school grounds; it permeates every aspect of our lives, influencing our rela­tionships, careers, and personal growth. Even in moments of worship or inline interactions, discipline should play a pivotal role.

Wing Commander Adjei ad­monished the pupils and students to see discipline as a mindset and make conscious efforts to prior­itise their long-term goals over short-term gratifications, adding “It requires embracing discom­fort and uncertainty, understand­ing that growth beyond comfort zones.”

She charged the pupils and students to see discipline as a character and personality trait that must and should be devel­oped and not see it as a burden.


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