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Dr Pimple Popper patient's 'butt lipoma' is like a lemon-sized 'crumbling cookie'

Dr Pimple Popper has seen many awkward lumps and bumps in her time, but the position of Kevin’s lipoma, ‘under his butt,’ even makes the pro squirm a little. However, it didn’t stop her from fixing the problem and bettering the patient’s life, like always.

The TLC show is a dream for popaholics, although for patients, it goes much deeper than that. By removing the many lipomas and cysts Dr Pimple Popper sees on a daily, she helps to change lives for the better, which is exactly what happened with Kevin. Let’s take a look…

Dr Pimple Popper’s patient Kevin has been suffering with lipoma under his butt for three years

Credit: Dr Pimple Popper/Really YouTube

Kevin describes the bump on the back of his leg as “a weird, hard, dense mass,” which he is able to move around.

It looks like he’s taken a leaf out of Dr Sandra Lee‘s book with the food analogies, as he says it’s like a “cookie crumbling,” at the end. It looks like the patient is a popaholic himself, as he likes to squeeze the bump to see if it dissolves.

The sports trainer gets a tight cramp-like pain where his bump is, and can feel his leg getting numb when he sits down.

He’s had the bump for three years, although at first, it was like a pimple. A year later, it grew to a golf ball size, and now is the size of a lemon.

The 30-year-old then takes a visit to the doctor’s office, for the bump ‘under his butt’ as she takes a look and feel, concluding that it’s probably a lipoma.

Although it’s in a very awkward spot, of course, like always the doc is down for the challenge to remove it!

The removal was a success

Kevin takes to the operating table, as Dr Lee begins drawing around the ‘lemon-sized’ bump to begin her incision.

Although the position is difficult to get a hold of Kevin wastes no time as the doc calls him “a perfect patient.”

After the procedure, his leg looks as good as new, and he’s overwhelmed with the results, saying his “heart was pounding with excitement.”

“It’s a celebration for me!” he exclaims after getting his normal life back.

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