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DA’s path to power: More than words needed for change

You have to hand it to the Democratic Alliance on one thing: they get things done. So, their manifesto launch on Saturday outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria was slickly organised and made a strong blue statement at the seat of the government they hope to oust.

On the other hand, the Economic Freedom Fighters’ recent big rally in Durban was equally impressive – so perhaps you shouldn’t judge a party by its parties… This time around, the DA maintained its attacks on the ANC, but also proffered up its vision for the future.

IN PICTURES: Democratic Alliance election manifesto launch

But, as much as it accuses ANC leader President Cyril Ramaphosa of making ludicrous promises, the DA’s own dreams also seem to be from another dimension entirely.

When Ramaphosa said the ANC would create millions of jobs, the DA mocked him, saying creating jobs was what the private sector is there for. Now they say the same thing… How, too, are they going to end load shedding and solve the water crisis?

They are both catastrophic failures, which will take way more than fine words to fix. Lifting six million people out of poverty, improving primary school literacy and providing health care for all are also laudable, but will take years, if not decades, to get right.

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The DA’s insistence it is “ready to rescue South Africa” and its belief it will be part of a coalition in government after the supposed fall of the ANC in the upcoming elections makes you wonder if it is not like the dog chasing the bus.

What is it going to do with it once it catches it? The DA does represent good governance in many places and clearly arrogantly relies on its core constituency – white voters – to vote for it, regardless.

But that will never be enough to remove the ANC. The rest is just dreaming…

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