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Botched mom-daughter duo want 'flat bums inflated' even after £8K breast surgery

Botched stars Jade Lynn and Kelly are a mom-daughter duo hoping to get their “flat bums inflated”. Jade is jealous of her mother’s natural breast size, but the two share the same bottom shape.

They describe themselves as more like “plastic surgery buddies” than mom and daughter, but the Botched clients are now hoping Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow can boost their behinds.

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Botched duo Jade and Kelly

Jade, 27, starred on Botched alongside her mom, 59, who are both from Bristol, England. They describe themselves as “more friends,” AKA “plastic surgery buddies” than a mother and daughter.

They rode along the beach looking for men, to which Kelly told Jade she needs a “rich man”. Jade spoke of how she didn’t inherit her mother’s natural chest, and spent £8K on surgery to get a bigger chest.

Kelly said, “We’re so similar, we’re practically the same person.” Jade agreed, revealing they “have the same arms and same skinny legs,” before they both admitted they “have the same bottom.”

Time for ‘inflated flat bums’

The Botched mom-daughter duo now want to “inflate their flat bums” and took to the show’s doctors for help. Kelly said how she was wearing padding on her bottom, which is want she wants her body to look.

Dr. Terry Dubrow told her she could do liposuction and inject it into her bottom, or advised a flankplasty, continuing a tummy tuck into the back to tighten her skin. But she wanted to stick with her butt pads!

Jade “liked the sound of” getting filler in her bottom, and debated getting bigger breasts, but Dr. Terry Dubrow warned that she would end up with scars, and therefore she opted to keep them how they are.

Jade Lyne spent her £8K inheritance

By 25 years old, Jade Lyne had spent £8,000 on supersize GG boobs, lip fillers and weekly spray tans to become a “real life Barbie”. Most of that money (£7,000 of it) was from her inheritance.

Back in 2016, the Botched star featured on new makeover show 100% Hotter. Two years before that was when she first went under the knife aged 18, increasing her cup size from an A to a GG.

She now works full-time making £1,000 a week selling videos, webcamming customers, and running her OnlyFans page where she provides exclusive content to subscribers. 

Jade – who goes by “Barbie Jade” – has injected lip fillers five times but plans to do it again as “they are getting too small,” as per The Sun in 2020, and fake tans twice a week.

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