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Basetsana Kumalo’s heartfelt birthday tribute amid ongoing legal battle with Jackie Phamotse

Kumalos birthday

With Luther Vandross’ Power of Love in the background, Basetsana Kumalo shared a heartfelt post wishing her husband Romeo a Happy Birthday, this ahead of their expected return to court for the Jackie Phamotse case.

“Loving you is the easiest thing. Watching you raise your children into decent human beings is beautiful to witness. You are our anchor, our protector, our strength when we are weak, our safe place,” wrote the former Miss SA winner, Basetsana.

Romeo turned 52 years-old on Sunday and the couple has been married for more than 20 years.

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“Thank you for providing for us so we lack for nothing. Doing this thing called life with you is a blessing. You are dependable, you are consistent and you are kind,” averred Basetsana.

“May you live long, happy, healthy and strong on earth. Growing old with you is one of the most fulfilling part of my life journey. I love you Mntungwa. We love you Papa.”

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Expected back in court

Author Phamotse is expected back in court this week after her case against the Kumalos was postponed numerous times.

In 2018 Phamotse tweeted about an alleged sex tape that social media users concluded involved power couple Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo. The influential couple took legal action against Phamotse.

In September last year Phamotse was found guilty of defamation, crimen injuria and contempt of court, but the author is yet to be sentenced following the postponements.

Earlier this month Phamotse appeared at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court where her legal team asked for another delay.

Sentencing was first expected to be handed down on 24 October 2023, but it was then postponed to 14 November. On that date, a decision was made to sentence Phamotse in 2024.

Phamotse’s lawyer Mpho Mathonsi argued in favour of a postponement citing a report by a social worker that needs to be concluded before sentencing can take place.

Basetsana spoke of relief last year when the judgment was given.

“This is for my children, who had to live in shame for the last five years, for my parents’ legacy who raised us well and today I want to thank everybody… I mean this is my guy,” said Kumalo outside of court in September last year.

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The postponements

Representing the state, senior prosecutor Yusuf Baba on Tuesday said Kumalo, who had travelled from the UK for the case, was being treated unfairly.

But Mathonsi expressed concerns about the state’s sense of urgency and argued in favour of waiting and following the law rather than moving with haste.

“Your worship, there will be no prejudice if this matter is postponed. We must not rush; the case will be finalised in a fair manner,” said Mathonsi.

While making an argument in July, Baba said the constitutional rights to dignity and privacy of the former Miss SA were infringed when Phamotse sent out the tweet.

“It’s been horrendous, it’s been horrific, it’s been hurtful it’s been so breaking, it’s been unkind. That somebody will just wake up and attack people she does not even know.”

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