Amy Brown, wife of GOP Senate candidate Sam Brown, opens up about her abortion for the first time publicly

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HENDERSON, Nev. — Amy Brown was a single, ambitious 24-year-old in 2008, a time when she felt invincible. 

She was striving to become an Army dietician while stationed at a San Antonio medical center and was on the cusp of completing an internship to land a full-time job. That’s when she found out something that turned her world upside down: She was pregnant. 

She didn’t want to believe it. 

She initially panicked, then felt racked with guilt and fear of disappointing others because of the unplanned pregnancy, despite using birth control. She went to two health providers. All along, she felt that the forces in her life — from the people around her, including in her medical visits, to her own fears that she would close off parts of her future — pressed her toward terminating the pregnancy.