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All of Matthew's red flags on Love is Blind from sheer rudeness to messing with two women

Love is Blind’s Matthew Duliba is a walking red flag, from messing with not just AD but Amber, being rude, and leaving the show early. Many can’t believe the sheer audacity of his behavior on-screen…

Matthew Duliba walked in hoping to find love, only to mess everything up and walk out. He entered the Love is Blind pods with plans to find his perfect match but only ended up annoying everyone. Top work, pal.

Credit: Adam Rose/Netflix 2023

Matthew’s Love is Blind intro

From the moment we meet him, Matthew admits he’s “emotionally guarded,” and it shows throughout season 6. The 37-year-old senior financial advisor from Charlotte, North Carolina wanted to find love.

He was looking for someone “intelligent, caring, considerate, hardworking, and driven”. Perhaps the most random desire he had was someone comfortable with his dog sleeping in the bed with them.

Matthew attributes his difficulty connecting with women to his alcohol-free lifestyle, which was not disclosed on the show, as revealed on a Love is Blind post. He also said he was “misrepresented”.

His Netflix co-stars found him rude

Matthew wouldn’t talk to his male co-stars, but when he did talk to people, such as Amber and AD, he ended up upsetting them. Clay disliked Matthew most since he had a connection with AD, who he liked.

He didn’t even say he was on Love is Blind on Instagram. The only reference was a repost of a Netflix meme stating: “if I sent you this just know i’m not answering any questions today” with a photo of him.

Matthew the question master

To add to the long list of red flags was Matthew bringing along 15 questions during his pod dates. But then he literally kept asking the girls the same questions they’d ask him?!

During his date with Jess, she selects one and answers it, before asking Matthew the same question. “You know, I was just gonna ask the questions. I wasn’t really anticipating getting the same one back,” he says.

He left the experiment early

Matthew and Amber left the show early. He self-eliminated in the pods, before he even had the chance to propose, when the two girls confronted him about telling them similar things.

He had told AD that he wanted to ask her father’s blessing before he proposed, but since he couldn’t do that, he offered to leave the show with her and stop Love is Blind’s experiment completely.

Yet, when Amber found out, it was like having Deja vu. She had heard it all before, because he said the exact same thing about her father. Matthew, how silly did you think the girls were?

‘Manipulation’ was down to bad day

Love is Blind star Matthew’s excuse for manipulating Amber was having a “bad day”. He responded, “It hurts because I’ve never felt the way I did with you before.” He then drops a real bombshell…

“But you know, America, they do love a good underdog and they do love comebacks. I think I got the entire country of America on my side,” he added. Umm, Matthew, is this whole thing a game?

He was then dumped before telling cameras he’s adamant the public wouldn’t like him. Since then, AD revealed in a US Weekly interview that Matthew apologized to her for his behavior after Love is Blind.


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