A sexy Jesus? Easter poster stirs controversy

A controversy has ensued in Spain and on social media over a poster of Jesus created to promote Easter week festivities in the city of Seville — drawing mixed reactions from Spanish conservatives deeming the image an “aberration” and a “sexualized and effeminate” Jesus as well as from social media users who either defended the painter’s artistic vision or created memes poking fun at the image.

The Council of Brotherhoods, which organizes the main Easter week events in Seville, commissioned renowned artist Salustiano García months ago to create a painting promoting the celebration.

García unveiled the final product Saturday during an event attended by leadership of the Council of Brotherhoods in Seville as well as the city’s mayor, José Luis Sanz.

The painter told local media at the time that his version of a resurrected Jesus painted against a flat red background was modeled after his son, Horacio. García’s work was met with high appraisals and applauses during the painting’s unveiling.