A mug shot, debates and key deadlines: How Trump, Biden and Nikki Haley raise online money

New data from the parties’ online fundraising platforms show how former President Donald Trump once again turned his legal woes into campaign cash, while Republican rival Nikki Haley used the GOP debates Trump skipped to fuel her rise.

The fundraising reports from the Republican platform, WinRed, and the Democratic platform, ActBlue, filed on Wednesday shed new light on the top candidates’ online fundraising, and provided a look at when Trump and Haley, as well as President Joe Biden, were able to leverage the spotlight to boost their campaigns.

Trump was the most prolific online fundraiser of the three, with his campaign and joint fundraising committee raising $58.2 million online in the last six months of 2023, including seven days where he brought in more than $1 million in single 24-hour periods. 

Trump’s best online fundraising day was Aug. 25, when his mug shot was released following his arrest for allegedly interfering in Georgia’s 2020 election. Trump raised $4.2 million online that day alone.